Why Twitter Polls?

News 07:12 December 2019:

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Twitter polls initially started out as a social thing; they were mainly used for interaction and fun on the platform. With time and as they grew more popular, they began to be used for more serious things.  Time went by and everyone hopped onto this bandwagon and today even big companies across board are using these polls. They have all discovered that they are a rich source of information and can be of a big help when looking to make certain   decisions such as product differentiation, introduction of new products into the market, [product improvement and basically to get the general feel of the market towards the company and even to just keep the social media audience engaged. That being said, why are such big companies choosing the twitter route when they can easily carry out large scale research?

There are certain factors that are contributing to this. First and foremost, twitterpolls are much cheaper. There is no heavy investment that is required to conduct a poll on twitter. The most money that the company will be forced to spend regarding the same will be the money that will be paid to the digital marketer in charge of running the poll. The other overheads are a bit negligible. The company will not be forced to spend large sums of money hiring a professional research company, getting the required research tools and personnel and taking care of all other requirements as need be.

Twitter polls help the companies to save time. Carrying out a large scale and professional poll takes time. Time will need to be taken to first outline the poll; what will it be looking to achieve, what audience will it be targeting, what questions will be asked and so on and so forth. Time needs to be taken to decide all these factors before the poll can begin. After all eth above has been decided, time again needs to be taken to hire the required personnel and send out the personnel to the area where the polls will be conducted. The personnel then needs to take time to interview the sample then come back and prepare reports on the information that was gathered. With twitter polls though, all that is required is the setting up of the poll on the platform and waiting or the answers to start trickling in. The most time that can be spent is the time that will be spent determining eth question and the audience at which it will be targeted; which usually does not take up much time.

The convenience that is brought about by twitter polls is also another fact that cannot be denied. With these polls one is able to reach out toa very large number of people at the same time. No travel is required, one is able to collect all the information that they require form the comfort of their computer or any other internet enabled device. With these polls, the results also come in as people participate. On does not need to collect information then go back and start getting percentages of the results obtained. All this is automatically updated as people continue to participate in the poll.