What to do After the Free Likes

News 07:12 December 2019:

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In as much as using free likes gets you a lot of likes for your page on whichever platform it is important to understand that there is still a bulky tusk ahead. This is so is you do not want to have a page that no one visits anymore even with a bot 100000 likes. In order to keep everything alive, ensure that you have interesting posts. You may be posting about the same things on your page but adding a few spicy words will get people’s attention. The likes that were bought may not help a lot in commenting but the live followers you have will start noticing your page.

Aside from keeping everything interesting, you need to provide the interesting content regularly. Do not be the people that only post once a year or do not reply to the people that liked. If it is on twitter and instagram you can show appreciation everyone in a while by mentioning the accounts that like your posts. The free likes will only get you so far, to get more you need to get the people coming back for more.