How to keep tab of your likes

News 07:12 December 2019:

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Getting likes on social media is not a one day affair and should be gradual.  If you ask those with a large number of likes, they will tell you they started with just one follower.  So do not struggle so much to increase such in one day, it is a gradual event but can increase depending on your presence and what you post by getting a large number of free likes.  If you want create attention, then you need to give social media users just what they are looking for.  This in essence is one of the largest growing platforms in the 21st century with the number of users increasing every single day.

The social media is a very interesting platform and to be able to effectively understand how it works, you need to know what is working and how you can effectively benefit from the same.  This will include following and knowing if your likes and followers are growing.  It is upon you to make the same happen as without your effort nothing will move.  But one thing you well enjoy about the platform is that you can choose to invest in free likes.