Gaining Social Proof Using Automatic Likes.

News 09:05 May 2018:

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Those using social media to sell and market their products are likely not like the aspect of using automatic likes to grow their account profiles. This is because the massive traffic does not necessarily translate to sales as initially anticipated. This is because the generated traffic is not targeted to what your profile description says. What people tend to forget is how important that non-targeted audience help you to enhance social proof of your venture existence. Social proof is a powerful indirect way of making money as it increases the chances of converting the numbers to buyers at any given time.


Buyers are convinced to make any online purchase if your account is active with numbers as it proves your authenticity. Potential buyers feel convinced to deal with you if reviews from your current followers are good, and the same is confirmed from that page. The automatic likes form the ground for potential buyers to proceed to buy from you. No one will buy from a social media platform with few likes or followers as it seems as a preying ground for unsuspecting customers.

Automatic Likes

There has been increase in the use of automatic likes all across the social media board.  Who in essence uses the feature and for what reasons many might care to ask.  For those who care to check, you will be great surprised at the number of people who use the automated services from time to time.  The list includes small and large business sectors, non profit making organizations and other groups, artists are neither left out and they make a large chunk of the users from time to time.  We also need to include celebrities of niches all around the world.

The above is just a part of people who use the automated likes but a large number of people not listed above still make a large chunk of the users of the feature all across the board.  The rise on the use of the service allows users to amongst other things increase their social presence something that rarely becomes difficult when done manually.  Businesses use the same to help them boost their services to a higher level not only locally but on the social media platform.  Celebrities alike use the feature to help them make a mark the world over.  This is a feature that has brought many budding celebrities to fame.

When we discuss automatic likes, it is not limited to a number of people and interestingly, the number continues to grow longer as the numbers of users on the platform continue to increase.  To the above, they have one thing in common the peace of mind that comes in knowing that you do not have to struggle so hard to make a name.  The automatic feature is automated and sends out real likes each time a post is made thereby not creating any unwanted attention from other users on the platform.

The number of those using the service is considerably on the increase and continues to grow every single day.  There is so much convenience that comes with using the automated feature to people of all users companies and individuals alike.  Sitting and waiting for likes to prop up each time one makes a post can take forever for nearly everyone who wants to be heard.  It is also a great waste of time when there are easier and cheaper ways to get the same in large numbers for just a small fee.  It makes work easy fast and quite efficient.

Finally, the increase in the number of those using the automatic likes feature should therefore not be surprising.  It is here to stay and as discussed above spread all across the board to different kinds of users alike.  If you are a starting business, you need to consider your online presence and how the automated service will increase your online presence if you need to make a mark out there.  Why spend a large amount of money manually marketing your product when you can do so in the comfort of your office and or home and close to quarter of the cost.  If as a business you are still stuck in the old ways, it is time to look back and take a step forward.