Building a Brand with Twitter Polls

News 01:07 July 2020:

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There is common misconception in the business world that companies build a brand. The truth is that this is not the real scenario. Companies put out a product in the market but then customers turn the product into a brand. A product cannot be recognized as a brand if it is not enjoying certain level of popularity and demand in the market. This popularity and demand comes form the consumers and not the company itself. It is true that the concept and idea of the brand come from the company but then it is not the company that build sit; the company merely floats an idea out to the market. It is essential to understand that without the proper and required response from the public, it is impossible to build a brand. That just goes to show how important it is to involve the general public in the whole process of building a brand.

How do you get to involve the public? The most important way is ensuring that you are getting their feedback and acting on it. For a product to become a brand, the market really has to; like it, acceptitand embrace it. Once the product is embraced, you will find that the customers themselves will start marketing it to their friends and family by word of mouth. Word of mouth has actually proven to beone of the most successful marketing avenues. People are more inclined to believe their friends or family when they tell them a certain product is good than they are to believe an advertisement or any other marketing gimmick from the company itself. This is for the simple reason that they will mostly just view it as a marketing gimmick.

Taking into account the importance of customer feedback, twitter polls can be used as a very important tool of building any brand. A company can very easily put up some twitter polls aimed at getting the general attitude of the market towards their product. You can first find out how the customers are liking your product, is it being well received in the market or not? From there you can find out if there are any variations to the product that the customers would like. Next you can find out whether or not the market would like to have the product further differentiated. There are a lot of questions that you can ask on the twitter polls that will help you to get valued feedback on how the market feels about your product. You can even ask for feedback on things as simple as whether or not the packaging if good enough.

Twitter polls provide for a faster, cheaperand easier way to get continuous customer feedback. Responding to and acting on this feedback can be the easiestand fastest avenue that a company can use to build its brand. Using the information that it is getting from the twitter polls, a company can continuouslyimprove on its product to make it more acceptable to the market and with time the popularityand the product will grow and it will become avery big brand.