3 Types of tweets you can Post today and attract more followers

News 02:07 July 2020:

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Most social networks allow their users to post about different topics as long as they don’t bully or spam others. However, there are some topics that will always guarantee you an increase in the number of your free followers especially on twitter. To start with, be the first at breaking news. Most people love to learn new things every time, and they will want to learn the newest trends and news from the most credible person.

If you can’t do news, try jokes. You probably share jokes on Facebook or twitter regularly, and they are very powerful at attracting free followers, as long as you keep them fresh and simple to understand. But then, what if you are not the funny type? There are many more things people love to read on social networks besides news and jokes. Educating or inspiring people through high quality content for instance has always been a great way to attract more followers and likes on twitter.